Cellular Shades

QThe measurement from the inside of my window frame has a width of 33 inches. What size should I order? Also, do the blinds bunch up at the top?
AHi, you should choose 33 inchs blinds. Also, the blinds can be raised to the top. Hope this helps.

QWhat material are these? Would they hold up in a bathroom with humidity?
AYes, these blinds are made up of 100% Polyester - durable fabric, so they can be installed in a bathroom.

QIs the length have to be 64? I want one for a small kitchen window
AHi, the 64" is just the maximum length. It can easily fit a much shorter window, as it is only about 3-4" when fully up. Hope this helps.

QHow do these mount to the frame?? Do they mount to the top or sides??? Thanks!!!
AHi, these blinds mount on top. You can screw them on window frame by the brackets. Hope this helps.

QCan you see through these from outside?
ANo not at all.

QWhat’s the minimum depth for the shade and hardware?
AThe depth of the fabric is 2.5cm(0.98inch) , and the top and bottom rali is 3.5cm(1.38inch). Hope this helps.

Q:Can the height of the window be shorter than the blind length?
AYes, you can pull blind down or up to fit length of window. Hope this helps.

Q:Do I have to drill into the window frame to install?
A:Yes, you need to screw the bracekts on window frame, and then you can install the blind into brackets. Hope this helps.

Qcan you cut the width of shade?
A:No,the shade is not available to cut. Please kindly choose the proper size. Hope this helps.

QHow do you Clean them?
AHi, you can use the brush to clean the dust. Or just rub them down with a wet cloth. Hope this helps.

QIs the street side white despite the interior color? Ex. inside beige, but facing out white.
AYes, one side is beige, and other side is white, but both sides are available to be mounted inside. Hope this helps.


Roller Shades

Q:Are all the colors the same color on the back ( the side that would face the outside)?
A:Hi, they are not same, the color of the back is sliver, because there is a silver coating on the back fabric, it will prevent the sunlight and UV. Hope this helps

Q:Can you see through these shades at night? If someone is looking through my window, can they see in?
A:They cannot see in. The shades themselves block light, and thereby the ability to see through them, very well. Hope this helps.

Q:Would this work screwed to the wall above the window?
A:Hi, you can drill into the wall, and then you can screw this blind on wall, but notice to choose the width covered all window. Hope this helps.

Q:My window is 35 inches inside the frame. What size should i get since that size is not an option?
A:Hi, please choose a size 35" for an Inside Mount, and 36" for Outside Mount. Hope this helps.

Q:What's the depth of the bracket for inside mounting?
A:Hi, the depth of the bracket is about 2 inches(5cm), hope this helps.

Q:Can I cut down the length?
A:No, this blind can not be cut. It works as a traditional Roller Shade where the length can be adjusted. Hope this helps

Q:can you use these in the bathroom?
A:Yes, these blinds are made up of 100% Polyester - durable fabric, so they can be installed in a bathroom.

Q:how can you clean them, are they machine washable?
A:No, they are not machine washable, you can clean them with a wet cloth. Hope this helps.

Q:For an inside mount, can these blinds be mounted on the side wall?
A:No, they can not be mounted on the side wall, only top. Hope this helps.

Q:What are the dimensions of the cassette the shade rolls up into (at the top)?
A:1.5 inch deep and 2.8 inch high, but the deepth of the brackets is 2 inches. Hope this helps.

Q:Did this come with instructions?
A:Yes, the product has come with instructions. Hope this helps.