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    Our Favorite Roller Shades

    Our Favorite Roller Shades

    We sat down with our Coast Accessories team to chat about their current favorite purses, bags, and backpacks. 

    For some women – especially fashion conscious women – style is often more important than practicality. However, even when practicality is necessary, it certainly better be stylish.

    That is why large travel & duffle bags are one of the spring/ summer 2016 bag trends. After all, when chic women go on summer vacation, they better have the space in their bags for all of their beauty and fashion must haves!

    At Balenciaga, we saw a large variety of exceptional travel bags for summer 2016. Some were quite beautiful and loud, featuring a gorgeous floral print (another of the season’s print trends), while others were a solid one color.

    At Gucci, we saw large, exotic flowers, in a striking symmetrical print. At Michael Kors, we saw some right proper purses, but made of a material that looked like woven straw.

    Which of these awesome spring/ summer 2016 handbag trends do you like best? Comment and let us know!

    2019 My first blog

    2019 My first blog

    Over the last several months we have been working with local leather, wood and metal artisans to develop something special. Today we are excited to debut our new line of products for your desk and office. 

    Now that you’re sufficiently inspired on the workspace design front, it’s time to figure out what you need to make your dream desk happen. If you’re not looking for a serious project, sometimes desk accessories are the best place to start.

    If you use pencils a lot, you’ve probably ruined a purse or two. Snag a pack of these caps for style and pencil lead protection.

    And last, a super cute pencil case! Love the elastic inside that keeps everything in order. 

    Grandekor Window Shades and Blinds

    Grandekor Window Shades and Blinds

    Blinds and shades are an excellent choice for people who are interested in buying quality window coverings at a fraction of the price. Most people have difficulty in maintaining the curtains in their houses so it’s important that you think about selecting a viable window covering such as shades or blinds. 

    There are many advantages of the blinds or shades.

    1.Easy care and maintenance.
    An occasional wipe with a damp cloth or light vacuum allows the blinds to look like new.  Unlike curtains, there’s no need to remove them for laundering or dry cleaning.
    2.Control light, views, privacy, security, and temperature
    The blinds and shades provide insulation, control light and privacy and keep warm in the winter and cool in the summer
    3.Work in Any Room
    Shades and blinds enhance your carefully crafted decor. Available in matching and complementary colors, their minimalist aesthetic and timeless appeal balances any style, while keeping all the attention on your furnishings and decorations.
    4.Easy installation


    Blinds and shades are available in many different forms to match your preference.